More Bitching from Friends of BARC

It’s a tough competition, but we think we have a clear winner for Most Thin-Skinned Organization in town: The Friends of BARC.

BARC is, of course, the city pound. FOB is a private non-profit that does things for the pound, like buy equipment. They also spend an inordinate amount of time bitching if the publicity they get is not absolutely 100 percent glowing.

We wrote an item in Hair Balls about how members of another group were complaining about Friends of BARC’s close relationship with BARC. There were claims FOB was “gaming the system” to get the best dogs.

FOB doesn’t bother listing such mundane items as phone numbers on its Web site, but we tracked down a number and the person refused to comment; he gave us a second number to call. We did, but the calls were never returned.

So we ran a follow-up item the next week getting FOB’s side of the story in, which is essentially that they are the greatest group since UNICEF. (We inadvertently wrote in that item about “BARC’s cozy relationship with the city” instead of “Friends of BARC’s cozy relationship with the city,” by the way.)

We got complaints AGAIN:

Did you you know what BARC was before this story was "told to you"? I'm not sure you even do now, reading this so-called follow-up. If you have even an iota of concern for animals, yours or others, you should really try to learn more about the way BARC operates, and the way "Friends of BARC" operates. ( we're not one & the same.) You might be impressed, saddened, shocked & maybe even a little ashamed of our beautiful city. Take a chance. You really shouldn't report on issues that you have no knowledge of.

Thanks again, for the brief & out-of-context version of a follow-up you printed. It will clarify for many readers your level of veracity & journalistic integrity. ( uh oh.. unfamiliar words? You can look them up.)

We could point out the stories the Press has done over the years detailing the need for improvements at BARC, but we’re guessing it wouldn’t make much difference.

Unless the headline read “Friends of BARC: Why No Nobel Prize Yet?”, it wouldn’t meet their standards. – Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.