More Boots On The Ground In Galveston

An ornery-looking biker gang will be cruising down the Gulf Freeway later this morning towards Galveston.

Once they get there, they'll be wreaking havoc among the citizenry, asking "What you got?" when some resident wonders what they're rebelling against, doing wheelies and circling around mamas taking their kids to school.

Or, maybe, they'll be donating boots and money to the Galveston police.

Surprise!!! It's the second option! (Although I'm sure we had you fooled.)

The bikers are members of the Reguladores motorcycle club, which is made up of cops. The Montgomery Chapter is donating 140 pairs of new boots to the Galveston PD.

The convoy will be joined by a Waste Management garbage truck, because the company made a big donation. ("Waste Management joined the effort to purchase new boots because the company understands the importance of good boots," the announcement said.)

The gang already raised $6,300 that was used to buy personal clean-up equipment and baby products for "officers across the greater Houston area."

In explaining why, we can't help but think the group gets in a little dig at its New Orleans not-so-brethren: "Those officers held their ground," said Reguladores Lonestar Chapter president Phillip Cash. "They didn't cut and run, and they didn't call in sick. That's Texas, and we want to show are appreciation."

Take that, Louisiana.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.