More Charges Expected in Candice Schwager DWI Assault Case

An additional charge is expected in the intoxication assault case involving erratic blogger Candice Schwager, who police say drove her Mercedes SUV into a motorcycle June 16, injuring two people.

The motorcycle's passenger, Shannon Stenseth, was treated for fractured ribs and released, but the bike's driver, Victor Martinez, is still being treated for brain swelling and other injuries at Memorial Hermann, according to his brother, Pete.

Prosecutors are waiting on Martinez's status before filing an additional charge, Harris County District Attorney's spokeswoman Donna Hawkins told Hair Balls.

Surgeons removed "a piece of [Victor's] skull the size of your fist" in order to ease the swelling, Pete Martinez said. Victor was Lifeflighted to Memorial Hermann with a damaged liver, spleen and bowel, as well as a broken clavicle and shoulder, Martinez said, adding that doctors had put him into a medically induced coma earlier this week.

"He's in good hands, and the doctor tells me he's where he needs to be for the condition that he's in," Martinez said.

While traveling west on West NASA Parkway, Schwager's truck hit the motorcycle from behind, according to Webster police. Martinez said that Stenseth was thrown from the bike. (In addition to the fractured ribs, he said she had extensive bruising and road rash.)

According to Martinez, the accident occurred after his brother and Stenseth left Jackie's Brickhouse in Kemah around 4:45 p.m.; they were to meet with Martinez and attend a concert. Martinez said the couple had not been drinking, and there's nothing in the police reports to suggest otherwise.

We haven't been able to reach Schwager, and her husband Richard hung up on us when we tried to get some information. We'd hoped he could clear up a few things for us, such as why Schwager claims to be the campaign coordinator for Harris County Sheriff candidate Louis Guthrie, when Guthrie told Hair Balls that she's not.

Martinez said his family is planning a benefit to cover some of his brother's expenses, so we'll have information on that when the plans are set. (He said his brother, a subsea engineer, has medical insurance, but he expects the bills to be astronomical.)

"It takes a split second of somebody being stupid to change somebody's life -- and their loved ones' [lives] -- forever," Martinez said.

Stenseth shared her thoughts in an e-mail: "I just want people to know what damage this lady did to our lives....I want them to feel the pain I feel every day when I go in to see Victor." She added: "Within seconds, our lives were changed because of her, because of her carelessness. There is nothing that woman can say that can justify hitting us from behind...nothing!"

Martinez and Stenseth are also keeping updates on Victor's condition at

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