Weather Week: Clouds and More Clouds, but a Change on the Way

This type of weather is built for black and white photography.
This type of weather is built for black and white photography. Photo by Patrick Fellar via Flickr
Last week, we saw the clouds part for a couple days. If you enjoy the sun, we imagine you were outside with one of those old school sun reflectors from the 1950s when doctors swore the sun was really good for you and wouldn't give you cancer. If you hate the sun, perhaps you went back underground with your fellow mole people.

This week brings bad news for you sun worshipers, but, fear not, hope is coming. For mole people, bask in the gloom, my friends.

Monday will be much like Saturday and Sunday. It will be cloudy and muggy with a high around 80 and a low around 70. If you haven't turned your air conditioning on yet if only to get some of the dampness out of the house, you might want to do it this day. There might be a stray shower around, but more likely just a sprinkle or two and loads of humidity.

Tuesday will be roughly a carbon copy of Monday. Highs maybe a bit lower — perhaps 75 instead of 80 — but it will still feel pretty gross with a similar low chance of rain.

Things gradually begin to change on Wednesday as rain chances ramp up ahead of a cold front. Showers and thunderstorms are likely with maybe as much as a half an inch of rain as the front passes. You won't feel the immediacy of the cooler air behind it — that comes later — but you will need an umbrella.

Thursday, as we get closer to the weekend, appears to be the day we start to feel the change in the weather. The front will likely back up into the area leaving some moderate rain chances in place during the day. Highs will reach the low 70s before the drier air filters into the region. By that evening, temperatures should drop into the 50s and skies will start to clear.

The weekend, at this point, is looking fabulous, but let's not jinx it.
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