Could the sun finally peek through the clouds by the end of the week?EXPAND
Could the sun finally peek through the clouds by the end of the week?
Photo by Joe Diaz via Flickr

Cloudy, Wet Week Ahead in Houston Weather

First, the good news. There is a decent chance that we will have our first (mostly) dry weekend in quite a while at the end of the week. That is still a bit up in the air, but chances are looking better that we could have only modest chances of rain and more sun than we've seen in a while for Saturday and Sunday.

Now, the bad news. To get to that (potentially) decent weekend. We are going to have to go through some more of the same and perhaps even some heavier rains in the middle of the week. Sigh. Let's get at it.

Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy with highs in the mid and upper 70s thanks to a warm front that backed up into the area over the weekend. This time of the year, cold fronts, which no longer pack the wallop they did in January, tend to fizzle out just south of us (often right over the Gulf) and reverse direction moving back over the area as warm fronts bringing gloomy, rainy weather.

While this warm front doesn't have a ton of rain associated with it, the next cool front moving in late Tuesday and into Wednesday does. There is the potential, particularly on Wednesday, of pulling moisture both from the Gulf and the Pacific Ocean. Right now, it looks like the majority of the rain will remain north and east of the city, but there will be more than enough saturation in the atmosphere to generate a rainy Wednesday.

Some areas could see several inches though most will likely get anywhere from half an inch to maybe two inches.

The hope is this front has enough strength to clear the area and leave us with some drier and slightly cooler air. Highs on Thursday could run in the 60s, but most of the area will see temps in the 70s into the weekend with the standard Houston chance of an afternoon shower.

With all the gloomy and wet weather we've had seemingly every weekend since it became 2018, any potential for clearing out is a good thing even if it comes with some modest chances of a shower. At this point, we'll take what we can get.

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