More Delays for the T.C. Jester/White Oak Bayou Bike Trail

Bicyclists looking forward to tooling from Oak Forest towards downtown will have to deal with another setback: The seemingly simple project is going to take even longer than thought.

The Texas Department of Transportation announced on the Houston Bikeway Program's Facebook page:

It is with regret that we inform you that project delays (utility relocation) has negatively impacted the schedule for the IH-610 at TC Jester improvement project, causing the trail closure to be extended into Spring 2014. TxDOT is as greatly concerned about these delays as much as you are as the bicyclist, pedestrian or other trail user.

Well, at least they're concerned.

The new Spring 2014 is an adjustment from Fall 2013. It's all part of "ongoing work on the IH 610 North Loop from Ella to the IH 610/US 290 interchange as part of the US 290 Program's $151.5 million IH 610/US 290 reconstruction project," the city says.

The project involves the "total demolition and reconstruction of the four IH 610 mainlane and frontage road bridges at T.C. Jester," and the hike-and-bike trail will remain closed until all four bridges are rebuilt.

Naturally, bicyclists aren't happy, if FB comments are any indication:

-- Bummer!!

-- figures, sigh!

-- How is it that car traffic can still pass under 610 but not the bike /pedestrian traffic?

-- Maybe there should be a plan to make the Ella and 34th street detour a safer route for cyclists. Two plus years of trail closure is unacceptable.

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