More Details On The End Of (Part Of) The Savoy

The City of Houston will demolish part of the old Savoy Hotel September 25 because it poses an immediate danger to civilians, HPD Neighborhood Watch Chief M.L. Curan said today in a press conference. (Despite what an HPD press officer told us -- and others -- earlier today, the Savoy will not be imploded tomorrow. Channel 13's Miya Shay Twitters the delay was caused by the need to get equipment on-site.)

Passers-by have reported bricks falling from the two-building hotel's smaller structure, he said. The area around the hotel -- along Travis and Main, between Leland and Pease -- was being barricaded during the press conference. Police officers will be posted around the area 24-7, Curran said. He said there were no plans right now for a demolition by implosion, but that will ultimately be up to whichever contractor wins the bid.

He said the police have had difficulty contacting the owner, who is currently in Lebanon. (Curran didn't remember his name off-hand, but a 2007 Press story identified him as Michael Nassif). The owner has 10 days to file an appeal, Curran said.

The nearby Metro line will need to be closed during the demolition -- hopefully not longer than Friday-Sunday, Curran said.   

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