More Godless GOP Governors Say No to Rick Perry's Prayerapalooza: The (Possible) Reasons Why

The Texas Independent has more or less been keeping a running tally of gubernatorial RSVPs to Rick Perry's invitation to come to Houston to pray and fast and be all Jesus-y.

So far it's looking grim, as would any event where Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says he's coming.

Plenty of Democrats have ignored the invite or said no, if for no other reason than the event's planner is a notoriously homophobic "religious" group.

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Why would Republican governors turn Perry down, though? Surely not the "schedule conflicts" they're citing. Here's our list of possible reasons, for those who've responded:

7. New Jersey's Chris Christie: Fine with the prayer part. Couldn't get a waiver on the fasting, though.

6. Arizona's Jan Brewer: What? And leave the Arizona border open to illegals who are swarming over just to set wildfires? Sorry, God. You too, Perry. Especially since you're such a pussy when it comes to "show me your papers" laws.

Plus, she was just confused by the whole thing.

5. Indiana's Mitch Daniels: His wife said no way.

4. Wisconsin's Scott Walker::Texas is too union-friendly a state.

3. Tennessee's Bill Haslam: We've never heard of this guy. So we'll just assume he's a gay-loving atheist who's appalled by prayer in schools and wants "under God" taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Oklahoma's Mary Fallin: Thinks Perry is a wild-eyed NARAL liberal when it comes to abortion laws. Not long after taking office this year, she signed a bill making Oklahoma the abortion-bannin' equal of Idaho, Indiana, Kansas and Nebraska by banning all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Perry, meanwhile, has been in office since the earth cooled and the best he can do is a measly little forced-sonogram bill

1. Michigan's Rick Snyder: Very, very disappointed that Perry hasn't called for the state to take over the governing of any city it wants to, just because it can. Until Perry shows some balls and runs roughshod over the mayor and council of every Democratic-led city in Texas, Snyder wants nothing to do with him.

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