This might be your last week to look at the wildflowers and the weather should cooperate.EXPAND
This might be your last week to look at the wildflowers and the weather should cooperate.
Photo by Kumar Appaiah

Weather Week: Another Nice Spring Week on Tap

Despite a few clouds, it turned out to be a pretty nice weekend. The sun managed to peek through the clouds off and on, and the mild temperatures along with a pleasant breeze made for some great spring weather. More of that is coming this week.

Monday should be much like the weekend. It will be mostly cloudy with highs in the mid 70s. A modest cool front will push through during the day. There might be a shower or two with the front, but probably not. It won't change high temperatures much, but it will be a bit cooler at night and humidity should decrease.

Tuesday should be beautiful with a high in the low 70s under sunny skies. It will be quite cool in the evening with lows dropping into the upper 40s in the suburbs, low 50s in town.

The winds should begin to shift back to the east and south on Wednesday increasing humidity and bringing a few more clouds back into the forecast. The temperatures will remain about the same and it should still be really lovely outside.

Thursday and into the weekend, the clouds build back in and rain chances increase, particularly Friday and Saturday. But that is for later in the week.

One note about a rare tropical storm in the southern Atlantic. It has essentially nothing to do with hurricane season, but it is rather odd. It only happens about once every ten years that a tropical storm (this one named "Iba") forms in the extreme southern Atlantic. In this case, it is south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It may mean nothing to us, but it is a good reminder that hurricane season is only a couple months away.

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