Photos by Robb Walsh

More Nut Bustin'

Ever since I pulled over for a cold coconut on Harrisburg last month, I have been seeing Cocos Frios signs all over the city. I guess the cold coconut thing wasn't quite as big a novelty as I thought it was.

There was a big crowd hanging around at a coconut vendor's stall at Bellaire and Mullins (6000 Bellaire Blvd.) when I drove by on Sunday. So I pulled over, paid my $3 and got a cold frosty one. After I sucked all the coconut water out with a straw, I was going to chuck my nut and take off. But the crowd stopped me. Several people held up their coconuts to show me that I was missing out on half of the fun.

After you drink the coconut milk, you are supposed to hand your coconut back to the vendor and have it hacked in half with a machete. The coconut seller then hands it back with a spoon and napkin so you can eat the soft coconut meat inside. The lady asked me if I wanted chile and lime sprinkled on my coconut meat. How do you say "no" to an offer like that? — Robb Walsh

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