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Weather Weekend: Dreary, Muggy Weather Continues

More gray and gross this weekend.
More gray and gross this weekend.
Photo by Rick Kimpel via Flickr

If you are wondering when Houston normally gets its first cold front of the season, it is understandable. We are a bit overdue. Typically, the third week of September brings that first decent cool front through town. The cool weather rarely sticks around, but you do feel a difference.

While we have had a couple brief moments of cooler weather, most notably this past weekend, temperatures have only been gradually (painfully?) inching downward. Truthfully, the thing that has tamped down temperatures the most has been the rainfall and cloudiness that has accompanied it. At least that will stick around a while longer.

Like the early part of the week, Thursday and Friday appear to be on-again, off-again rain days. Some areas will see more than others, but most of us will get at least a bit of drizzle. The one positive is a very weak cool front should make Thursday a tad cooler. It won't last as that front backs up across the area, but you might get half a day of autumn bliss.

Saturday and Sunday will have about a 50 percent chance of rain and, once again, temperatures will remain in the 80s under mostly cloudy skies.

It's not a great forecast. Hell, it's not really even a good forecast, but at least you know. And we are getting closer to fall and decorative gourd season. Maybe next weekend a legit cold front?

Watching the Tropics

Kirk is well out into the Atlantic. He will likely strengthen a bit before hitting a mass of wind shear that has routinely destroyed tropical storms all season long. There's a slight chance the storm redevelops in the Caribbean late next week, but more likely it disintegrates altogether.

Beyond that, there is very little happening over the Atlantic and we personally would like it to stay that way.

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