More Shake-Ups In The Sports-Talk World

Big changes at KILT-AM, one of the many sports-talk stations in town struggling to get their piece of small pie.

Program director Bill Van Rysdam is gone; he's long been around the scene, both at KILT and KTRH. Rumored to be taking his place: Mark Vandermeer, the Houston Texans radio play-by-play guy and host of the station's morning show with Andre Ware, the Texans' radio analyst. (The KILT morning show is not a place to go to hear really rabid criticism of the Texans.)

Ware, too, is rumored to have given his notice. He's got a semi-regular gig doing college games for ESPN, and is still expected to do the Texans.

These are probably the first in a series of changes. As we reported a while back, there are -- relatively speaking -- a ton of sports-talk stations in Houston, and Houston doesn't really care all that much about sports-talk radio.

KBME, the "Sports Animal," has done some reshuffling of its lineup recently, getting rid of their morning hosts so that the (pretty lame) "Monsters of the Midway," which include former Chron columnist John P. Lopez, can be on the air even longer.

KILT is a part of the CBS radio network; KBME is a Clear Channel station. The Houston AM dial also includes independent KGOW, which a lot of people expected to have come and gone by now.

It looks like it's in for the long haul, though.

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Richard Connelly
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