More Trouble for the Eldorado Tipster

An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for the now-infamous Rozita Swinton, the woman who allegedly posed as a teenage girl and reported abuse by a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The call eventually led to the raid of the church's YZF Ranch near Eldorado, Texas, not to mention a media circus here in Houston and in San Angelo.

The warrant was issued after Swinton missed a probation hearing in Douglas County, Colorado, according to Rob McCallum, a spokesman for the Colorado judicial branch.

"My understanding is that she is on her way to court now with her attorney to rectify this matter," McCallum told Hair Balls this afternoon.

Swinton was on probation in Douglas County for filing a false police report in 2005, and she was scheduled to complete her probation in May, McCallum says.

But in April, Swinton was arrested in Colorado Springs by local police, after an investigation that involved the Texas Rangers, for allegedly making the FLDS call. That arrest violated the terms of her Douglas County probation.

McCallum says that there was no indication that Swinton would skip court, because she contacted her probation officer in Colorado Springs last week.

Update: McCallum tells us Swinton duly appeared in court today; her attorney took the blame for her missing the earlier hearing, and a new date for that hearing was set.

-- Paul Knight

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