Morris Edwin Burnett: Reckless, Boozy Jerk Threatens Mom, Son He Almost Ran Over with Bronco

Nueces County SO
Morris Burnett: The goatee is the new mullet
All along the Texas coast, the weather has been glorious, and Wednesday morning in Corpus, a 63-year-old mom and her 40-year-old son decided to take advantage by taking their dog for a walk on an isolated road near the beach.

According to this report, their sun-drenched seabreeze idyll was shattered by 44-year-old Morris Edwin Burnett, who came tearing down the road in his 1996 silver Bronco and almost hit the trio of walkers.

The son reportedly motioned at Burnett to slow down, and the goateed reckless driver did so. Did he ever. He slammed on the brakes and allegedly picked up a knife and got out of his truck, and told the son that he would kill him, his mom and, yes, while he was at it, he would stab the pooch, too.

Thankfully he did no such thing. Burnett got back in his Bronco and fled the scene. Not long afterward, police found him at a nearby fishing pier. The knife was still in his truck, right there in the front seat next to an open beer, the breakfast of true champions like Burnett.

Burnett was still in Nueces County Jail yesterday, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bail was set at $40,000.

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