Most Menacing Fugitive Ever On The Loose In Area: Really, Don't Try To Apprehend This Dude On Your Own

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A lot of times when you read a report about a fugitive, that part about how "the subject should be considered armed and dangerous: do not attempt to apprehend" seems like a mere formality. That is decidedly not the case when it comes to 41-year-old Montgomery County parolee David McIntyre, who vanished from the home he shared with his mother in Magnolia on December 11. From the sound of it, this guy sounds like Jason or Freddy Krueger...

First, he has a history of violence. McIntyre is on parole for his involvement in the 1986 murder of 15-year-old Tommy D. Sides.

His physical description thickens the plot: He is described as having multiple scars on his face and criss-crossing his head, which he shaved clean the day he went on the lam.

He is also a big boy: 6'8" and 320 pounds.

Then there is his mental condition. Various reports paint him as schizophrenic, bipolar, and manic depressive, and all say he has been off his meds for most of December, maybe longer. His parole officer told the Magnolia Potpourri that the not-so-gentle giant is "very paranoid, has extreme delusions, is agitated easily, does not like large groups of people or strangers and can be very violent." And since he is said to have no known associates other than his mother, just about the whole world is a stranger to him, so he basically doesn't like anybody, apparently.

And it gets even worse.

Another report portrayed him as desperate to avoid capture, as he apparently believes he is headed back to jail for some sort of parole violation.

Plus, there's that whole matter of him being from rural Montgomery County, which is just scary on its own.

McIntyre was last seen at his home on Hardin Store Road in a black windbreaker, black pants, and carrying a black duffel bag.

Montgomery County sheriffs say they have no idea where he is and add that you should "exercise extreme caution" if you see this black-clad, scar-faced behemoth with the murder conviction and a demon-haunted mind, and in this case, we believe them. Instead, just contact Detective Gannucci with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Division at 936-760-5876. 

Update: McIntyre was arrested without incident on December 22 in his hideout under a bridge in southwest Montgomery County. He is now charged with felony parole violation and being held without bond in the Montgomery County Jail.

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