Much Cooler Weather Arrives in Time for Halloween

There is no doubt temperatures have been working their way downward since the start of October. Every year around this time, we all get antsy in Houston thinking that this heat (80s instead of the 90s of September anyway) will never end. It's easy to forget when that first really nice cool front blows in that it's only 78 degrees outside and however muggy and gross 85 may feel, it's not that much warmer.

For those of us who pine away for the wonderful autumn weather Houston tends to get when our northern neighbors are beginning to button up for winter, going through a muggy, sunny 86-degree day is like sweating through your shirt in August, so it's understandable when we have a hard time remembering that a month ago, we didn't dare go outside except to run from one air-conditioned building to the next.

Fortunately, a "real" cool front is headed our way this weekend and it should keep temperatures cool right through Halloween.

Note the forecast above is a rather bullish one for this particular front. Some have temps in the mid-70s Saturday and Sunday, but most don't see us hitting 80 again for at least a week.

The front should pass through late Friday night or early Saturday morning. The effect should be pretty immediate, with much cooler temps and a nice breeze from the north. Since most parties for Halloween are going to be over the weekend, that could mean you might want to bring a coat to accompany that stripper outfit you were going to wear. Don't say we don't know our audience!

By midweek, it will warm up a bit, but not enough to keep it from likely being a very lovely evening for tricks and/or treats.

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