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Murderers Row

In her Mallory books, mystery author

Carol O'Connell has constructed the perfect (well for our alternative world) main character. Kathy Mallory, a young New York City detective with amazing detection abilities who apparently lacks any ability to like or love anyone she encounters (even those who love her).

In her latest outing "Find Me" Mallory tracks a killer who's leaving victims along the legendary Route 66 highway. A caravan of cars follows it as parents of missing children learn of the bodies being found.

At 6 p.m. today, Murder by the Book, 2342 Bissonnet, is hosting a book signing by O'Connell. But as David from the store told me by phone, don't go there unless you know....

that after her talk at 6 p.m., if you want her to sign her latest book, you'll need to buy it there. Or bring her latest book along with a receipt showing that you bought it at Murder by the Book. Armed with a book and a receipt you'll get a number for the lineup. And, she'll even sign all your earlier Mallory books for you if you'd like.

The other option is to call the store before 6 and ask them to reserve a copy in your name. You can even tell them what you'd like O'Connell to inscribe in it, if you want it personalized. -- Margaret Downing

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