Music Editor Chris Gray Had Luck on His Side When He Had His Heart Attack

John P. Zepeda of the Metro PD's canine squad had performed a routine bomb search at the Ensemble light-rail station October 28. Finding nothing, he tried to head back.

But train after train was filled with morning commuters headed downtown, so he and his dog waited things out.

Which turned out to be a lucky thing, for as they were waiting for yet another train they heard someone yell for help.

That someone was dragging Houston Press music editor Chris Gray off the tracks, where he had fallen after suffering a heart attack.

The man told Zepeda he thought Gray had a seizure, in which case there was not much that could be done until EMTs arrrived.

But then Zepeda saw Gray was turning blue, so he immediately began giving CPR. He called for assistance, and another Metro officer, Leonard Wagner, took turns giving the procedure until Houston Fire Department EMTs arrived and could take over.

A day or so later, Zepeda was saddened to hear that Gray had died, Metro's Margaret O'Brien Molina said.

It was just a rumor -- Gray is recovering remarkably well -- and Molina was happy to deliver that news today to the officer.

So big thanks to Zepeda, Wagner -- we've been trying to get their names and are glad to be able to publicly salute them. Thanks also to HFD, to the guy who dragged Gray off the tracks, and also to everyone who filled up those light-rail cars so Zepeda had to wait for a ride.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.