Music Editor Chris Gray's Heart Attack: The Video

We've obtained security-cam footage of the morning when Houston Press Music Editor Chris Gray suffered a heart attack at a Metro light-rail station.

Chris is recovering nicely, due in no small part to prompt action by a good samaritan and two Metro police officers. (We wrote before how it was so lucky the Metro officer was on the scene.)

Metro spokesperson Margaret O'Brien Molina, who worked for years for the Red Cross, says the video shows some important things.

"Metro police officers John P. Zepeda and Leonard Wagner were exactly the right guys, at exactly the right time to demonstrate, for us all, what the 'chain of survival' really means," she said, referring to what needs to happen in an emergency like this.

"The training first responders receive is critical to the performance of their jobs, but citizens have a vital role in making sure the links come together," Metro police chief Victor Rodriguez said. "It goes back to the staple 'If you see something, say something,' and the reason an alert, engaged public is the first step in the chain of survival."

Here's the video. It's time-lapse photography, so it's jumpy, but it shows Gray's body being lifted from across the tracks by the good samaritan, then Zepeda applying CPR until Wagner gets there, and then the arrival of EMTs :

Zepeda and Wagner will be honored at a future Metro board meeting, Molina says. We've also invited them to the benefit to help with Chris' medical bills, where it's possible they might get a thank-you drink or two.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.