My Baby Thinks She's Franch

We've received an e-mail headed "Franch Film in Texas," which is, really, the way you want to spell "French" if you're aiming for a charming accent.

It contains zees message:


First of all, please excuse my writting, i'm french and part of a television production compagny based in Paris.

We are working on a discovery film about Texas and will come around Houston in August for the shooting Through our journey we would like to meet as many caracteristic texan as possible hoping we will be able to show throughout our film how Texas is really like

We would be pleased to send you a full description of our project and would really appriciate if you could help us in our quest

Hoping to hearing from you very soon

Just who is a caracteristic Texan in Houston these days?

Some ExxonMobil exec getting a lap dance at The Men's Club, tossing around twenties like they're used Post-It notes?

An illegal immigrant working a 14-hour shift at some dim factory?

Michael DeBakey? (Zut alors, it ees too late, quel dommage.)

Anyway, we're open for suggestions to pass on.

-- Richard Connelly

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