MyPlates.com Releases Fan Selected Rockets-Themed Plate; If Only They Had an Alternate Uniform Like It

For years since the re-design of the Rockets logo and uniforms, fans on message boards like ClutchFans.net have been clamoring for an alternate uniform design with a red and black color scheme. They've had throwback jerseys (ah, ketchup and mustard), but no alternates. Even the Texans have a Battle Red uniform they wear twice a year. Fans of the Rockets have really wanted a red-on-black alternate uni. Well, the fans got their chance to voice that opinion loudly when they voted for the MyPlates.com Rockets-themed Texas license plate to be exactly that: red on black.

But, for the ultimate fan, as part of the MyPlates.com 2013 Great Plate Auction, which already is offering HOUSTON and DYNAMO up for auction, someone will get to walk away with the rights to put ROCKETS on their license plate for the next 10 years.

The auction will ultimately have 10 different plates to bid on and will help raise money for charity.

But, back to my original point, it's not surprising fans chose the red-on-black look given how many have asked for it from the Rockets. Personally, I am not dramatically impacted by the look of uniforms. If the Rockets hit the floor in all pink uniforms complete with tights and little devil horns, I would not care as long as they played well. Many fans do not agree with me, however, and the calls for alternate uniforms continue.

One thing I would love to see is a road uniform that says "Houston" on the front instead of "Rockets." Given how much money the city has poured into the Toyota Center, it seems only fair.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.