Namaste! Arian Foster Returns to Twitter (And Is Reportedly Healthy)

Last season went sideways on a lot of Houston Texans, and if we count "the season" to include the month or so after the season as well, perhaps it spun out of control for none more so than running back Arian Foster.

Think about it -- with fans, the perception of Foster went from "quirky, uber-productive renaissance man" to "injured and aloof" in a matter of just a few months. His popularity went from off the charts to just "OFF." The ordeal after the season ended with the pregnant girlfriend was life slapping its finishing move on Arian like a WWE heel one more time for good measure.

I said during the season that, among other things, one of the decisions that affected Foster detrimentally in the eyes of fans was his choice to leave social media last March, when he was chased off of Twitter by the usual cadre of trolls and keyboard warriors:

Well, we all knew it would probably just be a matter of time before Arian Foster returned to the "digital realm," and on Saturday, it happened. All we needed was WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross to scream "GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY! THAT'S ARIAN FOSTER'S THEME MUSIC!!"

If you're wondering who @mysizemore is, that's actually Arian Foster's mother, and when your mother tells you to get your ass back on Twitter, you better damn well listen! So Arian Foster was back, and back with a vengeance. He was wishing former teammate and fellow running back Ben Tate best of luck with his new employer and offering congrats on his new contract....

Foster also made it clear that there was a new sheriff in town, and that he wasn't afraid to use the BLOCK button. Good for him. Twitter haters suck. There's enough anger and cowardice in the world; no need to invite it on social media....

Also, Foster broke the news that he was healthy, which in the grand scheme of things, is kind of important....

All due respect to Arian, it's not an official declaration of good health until he tweets a picture of the MRI. Also, with this news, the Texans' running back depth chart for now is as follows:

1. Arian Foster 2. Dennis Johnson 3. Jon Weeks 4. John McClain

From there, Foster got back into his Twitter groove, answering questions rapid-fire...favorite rapper?

....favorite place to play on the road?

....will you miss Owen Daniels?

Wait, I'm confused....is Owen Daniels the big homie, or is Ben Tate the big homie? And with the two of them gone, do we have


big homies left on this football team? This is important, HOMIE!!!

So Foster was back, and it was glorious, like a popular character returning to Days of Our Lives after being held captive in the jungle by Stefano DiMera with amnesia for a year.

Hell, Twitter even got an apology from Foster for his negligence....

So there you have it! Arian Foster returns to Twitter. Oh, also, make a note...Draft Day will be in theaters on April 11!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.