Name Game: From Fletcher to Chavez, with X and Clemens Too

LULAC has been trying to get Beaumont ISD to change Fletcher Elementary’s name to Cesar E. Chavez Elementary. (Fletcher has an 81 percent Hispanic student body.) Seems LULAC tried getting a city park renamed after Chavez and struck out, so the organization thought it might have a better shot with BISD, since the school district had previously renamed a predominately African-American school after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

We dug around and discovered that several HISD schools are rumored to be scheduled for rechristening and a variety of monikers are supposedly being considered.

The Quanell X High School for Criminal Justice (replacing Kashmere HS) One of the holdups here may be the proposed curriculum: Evading Police, How to Protest Legal Search and Seizures, and Drive-by Videography

The Tommy Tune GLBT School of the Arts (replacing HSPVA)

The Roger Clemens School of Ethics and Values (replacing Bellaire HS)

The Nicholas Terrett School of Applied Medicine (replacing The Michael DeBakey High School for Health Professions) Never heard of Nicholas Terrett? He’s the Pfizer employee who is credited with inventing Viagra. DeBakey and his heart transplants seem to fade in comparison to the miracle of the little blue pill.

The Miley Cyrus School of Business (replacing River Oaks Elementary)

Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.