Nancy Ames: This Is What KUHT Fundraising Needs Again

KUHT, always with the fundraising and "Viewers Like You" and all that.

They think they can get us to donate with some cheap Les Miz collector's CD, a totebag and some doo-wop reunion concerts? No chance.

KUHT used to take this stuff seriously. As evidenced by the above clip, featuring Houston songstress Nancy Ames and a specially written intro tune.

Yes, kids, there used to be telephones like that. Although what that proto-desktop-computer is supposed to be, we have no idea. We're sure it could do up to 1,500 calculations an hour.

And the cars -- did the cars always look so cheap even when new? Probably.

Ames, by the way, had an epic contribution to song far more well-known than the saucy KUHT jingle. She wrote and performed a bit of Vietnam propaganda called "He Wore the Green Beret" that has to be heard to be believed.

Click the link, if you dare.

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