NASA Learns Not To Allow Write-In Votes In Their Lame Contests

We're guessing this is something that just might get mentioned on The Colbert Report tonight: The winner of the contest to name a new room on the space station is "Colbert."

As we noted before, NASA's four suggested names were Serenity, Earthrise, Legacy and Venture.

But they didn't take into account the write-in vote.

As he's done with contests to name bald eagles or zoo animals, Colbert urged viewers to make their preference known.

Out of 1.2 million votes cast, the Associated Press reports, 230,539 went to Colbert. The second-place name, Serenityzzzzzzzzzzzz, received 40,000 fewer votes.

(Note: Fourth place in the write-in vote went to "Xenu," which we also would have accepted.

Does that mean the new node will actually be named Colbert?

Not necessarily. NASA officials reserve the right to make sure the name is "appropriate." They have not said yet whether they will reject Colbert, but we can't wait for the hapless press rep who has to be interviewed about it if they do.

In other news, the contest to name the next two astronauts has also been completed. Godspeed, Mike Hunt and Haywood Jablome!!!

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