NASA's Monkey Experiments: Looks Like They're Officially Over

Last week we told you of PETA's victory announcement in the battle against having NASA conduct radiation experiments on monkeys, a controversy that had been building and to which we devoted a cover story.

In response to our questions, NASA pointed us to a statement that the Brookhaven Labs, which were scheduled to run the experiments, was about to "undertake a comprehensive review of the agency's current research and technology development plans to see how they align with the President's plan for human spaceflight."

"Basically, NASA has not changed its position regarding this research," the spokesman who provided the statement told us.

Now Brookhaven, however, appears to be siding with PETA's view of events.

The news page of the lab's website has this statement, right above the earlier statement from NASA:

The following statement was issued by NASA on 12/8 regarding a review of NASA's human spaceflight research. In light of this review, NASA has informed Brookhaven that a proposal involving primate research at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory on the Brookhaven Lab site should be removed from consideration for experimental time at the facility.

Sounds pretty definitive.

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Richard Connelly
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