NASA's Space Vomit Recipe: The Video

So apparently the space program needs some next-gen trash bags, and they need to find out if those bags can stand up to every manner of substance that they will be containing.

This will include many empty cups of Tang and according to the video after the jump, urine- and fecal matter-filled adult diapers and vomit, lots and lots of vomit.

And in order to test that next-gen trash bag's vomit-capacity, NASA needed gallons of puke.

Since they apparently couldn't find any volunteers to provide them with a supply of the real stuff -- hey NASA, there's a surplus of fresh upchuck on Washington Avenue every night, just so you know -- they unleashed a team of Johnson Space Center chemists to tackle the dilemma.

These scientists already knew the ingredients, so in the video watch as they tinker with the exact ratio of cottage cheese to mixed vegetables, apple juice to soy sauce, that gives them just the right consistency, not to mention two chemical compounds that give it that bilious whang.

It's admirable -- after all, these are highly trained chemists, and they really show the Right Stuff here. They didn't sign up to do this: puke was not part of their job description. As one of them explains, "We usually deal with urine here."

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