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Felicia and Eric messed around with gender roles.

Natalie He Ain't

So, I made sure to catch the Today show this morning, where a Houston couple, Felicia and Eric, are competing in "Today Throws a Wedding." Felicia is an assistant district attorney in Galveston, and Eric's a business systems analyst for JPMorganChase.

And today, Felicia and Eric were Nat "King" Cole and Natalie Cole, respectively. The first "Wedding" contest pitted the seven couples in a sing-off, in which they had to get in costume and sing pre-selected tunes. Felicia and Eric got stuck with the Cole duet "Unforgettable."

Felicia (as Nat) hit some flat notes, though they were masked by Eric's pitch-deaf falsetto. Yep, "Unforgettable" was forgettable. Well, except for Eric, who rocked a shimmering silver and black dress, sequin high heels and a nasty wig. So compelling was his outfit that Today host Matt Lauer felt him up. "You didn't even bother to shave your legs," said Lauer, rubbing his hands on Eric's calves. It didn't help when another contestant busted out "A Whole New World" and sounded like she was straight off the radio. But in their defense, Felicia and Eric weren't nearly as bad as some of the other couples, who donned wigs and '70s outfits for versions of "I Got You Babe" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

Next week is a dance contest, and Felicia and Eric will shake it to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September." Judging from her moves when they played the first bars of the song, Felicia might have this one in the bag.

Lotsa love to Felicia and Eric. You can vote for the happy couple here. -- Steven Devadanam

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