National Blog Goes Nuclear On Dan Patrick's Looks

The national political website Wonkette has got ahold of the story of Dan Patrick's new independent-ish party. And the commenters are sparing little in roasting our favorite state senator.

There's lots of stuff about Texans, conservatives, etc. -- Wonkette is not generally a tea-partyin' place -- but they are also going nuts over the mugshot to the right.

-- "Who's the dude with the caps and bad rug? (not to sound all judgmental, but you can practically see where he ties it under his chin fer crissakes.)"

-- "First, get this guy's dentist on the phone! Next! His barber! Also, the people who made his toupee! What the hell happened here? He deserves answers! STAT!"

-- "As long as we're ripping this guy for his appearance, 'cause the dumbass ideology is boringly always the same, I figure Dan to be the type who wears his belt directly across his navel rather than at waist level so that his ample girth is evenly divided into an upper and lower fat-melon."

-- "If this article is about Dan Patrick, why is there a picture of a lesbian accompanying the article?"

-- "This guy looks like the love child of Lindsey Graham and WALNUTS! Henggghhhhh?" (Note: "Walnuts" is the Wonkette nickname for John McCain.)

-- "Yeah, that guy's teeth... Ewwww... They're like Osmond family teeth only more so. That is all."

-- "He is not only the president, he is a member of the unconvincing toupee club for men."

We certainly don't endorse endless mocking of a person's looks, even if it is Dan Patrick. And -- as far as we know -- that hair is real and it is spectacular.

But it's nice to see Danno getting some national pub.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.