Nationwide Survey On Driving Habits Reveals Houstonians Lie To People Taking Nationwide Surverys On Driving Habits

TomTom is a company that makes one of those GPS gizmos for your car; they've just put out a survey assessing the driving habits in seven U.S. cities.

One of them is Houston, although it's not any Houston we've ever heard of or dealt with on the road.

According to TomTom, Houston is home to "Diligent Drivers," the safest category of them all. Such drivers are defined as being "extremely conscientious drivers who consistently stick to the rules of the road."

Let's let TomTom allegedly describe us further:

More than any other city surveyed, 77.1 percent of Houston residents calmly wait to take the next exit when they miss theirs, and 39.5 percent let drivers pass when they get cut off. Whether avoiding traffic the night of an Astros game or arriving at IAH a few minutes early, Houston commuters have certainly earned the title of "Diligent Drivers."

(We like the "insert local reference here" feel of the press release. Diligent research, guys!! Except no one calls it IAH.)

We would feel a lot more confident in this survery if a) It was somehow based on tracking actual driving habits through the GPS gizmo; and b) We had never actually been on a highway in Houston.

You'll be glad to know that almost 31 percent of your fellow Houstonians say they refuse to honk the horn and instead "wait for drivers in front to notice a green light."

This would be at the intersection of Not Houston Street & No Freakin' Way Drive, we guess.

Other categories included "Neutral Navigator" ("A milder breed of drivers who take a steady, "middle-of-the-road" approach to driving and typically go with the flow." Cities: Chicago and New York) and "Courageous Commuter" ("Bold drivers who do what it takes to overcome the obstacles and complexities of daily driving." Cities include Atlanta, Boston and Minneapolis.)

We've driven in New York. They seem to answer surveys there with the same rate of honesty as Houston.

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