"Natural" Texas License Plates: The Mind Assumes Weed, and the Vanity Plates Deliver

Ever on the lookout for more ways to praise the Lone Star State -- and make a few more bucks in the process -- the people at myplates.com are now offering "Natural Texas" vanity license plates.

A field of weeds, the plates look like -- not exactly inspiring. To myplates, though, they shine: "Bluebonnet, Primrose, and Texas Paintbrush. They're all there. Growing along the bottom of these new official Texas license plates. The design, called Natural Texas, features the most popular wildflowers in Texas," the company says.

Ten percent of the base plate price goes to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, which is nice.

Talk of "natural, " Texas" and weed-like flowers can lead the mind in another direction, however. Can myplates deliver?

Let's see.

7. Snoop One of the Sierra Blanca holy trinity that includes Willie and Fiona Apple, you can choose to honor Snoop with your new plate if you wish.

Bad news: You'll get a message that says, "We're sorry, but that combination is not available." Good news: That sentence will be followed by one saying, "Not to fear, here are a few creative alternatives to try." Including the one above.

6. Honesty, best policy Your message from myplates.com when you enter this: "Congratulations! That combination is available!"

They sound excited. Wonder why.

5. Git r done And spread the wealth. This one is available, too.

4. Don't be too honest This one is not available -- what, myplates has something against law enforcement doing its job? -- but a quick company suggestion resolves the problem.

3. The ever-versatile Crooked "E" From vanity plates to corporate fraud, it helps with so many otherwise banned things.

2. Squint Come on, you're probably squinting anyway.

1. J'accuse! You're high if you think these license plates are referencing weed.

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