Need Beer On Christmas Day? What's Open

Our sister blog Eating...Our Words is full of service-y goodness, listing all the places you can go to eat in Houston this Christmas Day.

But by this point in the day, you may be realizing a more pressing need: Beer.

Yeah, relatives are great and all, but not when you're sober. And Uncle Billy is not going to do something really out of line until he hits his fourth Bud, so you need to stock up for your own entertainment purposes at least.

Luckily, you live in Texas. Not one of these communistic states with onerous laws regarding the sale of beer and liquor.

So here is the official list of places to get beer: Any convenience store, and most gas stations.

They're usually staffed by someone for whom Christmas isn't that big a deal anyway, so no need to feel guilty either for making them work!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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