Need More Camo in Your Life? Spruce Up Your License Plate for a Good Cause

If you've never felt the need to accessorize every last thing in your life, you may have no idea about the world of options that exist when it comes to license plate customization. We're not just talking the six-letter/number message you can display, either; there are over 140 license plate backgrounds for you to choose from here in Texas.

Whether it's letting the world know how much you love Dr Pepper or showing your college pride, there are a multitude of options if you're willing to pay the price.

Today comes the announcement of a new background to add to the options, one that not only supports a good cause, but that we can see people actually using: the Green Camo plate.

Now sure, choosing the Green Camo plate is going to open you up to a lot of dumb jokes ("Omg, where is your license plate, man?"), but if you've been waiting for the right custom plate for your camo car, truck or SUV, we imagine you're pretty stoked.

Joking aside, the noteworthy thing about these new plates is that 10% of the plate price is going to Carry The Load, a nonprofit organization that "provides citizens an outlet to raise awareness and funds for partnering organizations that are hyper-focused on serving families of fallen service men and women."

If you're looking to find out more about Green Camo or any of the other license plate options you have, surf on over to myplates.com. It's not just a customization option, it's a freedom we should all celebrate.

"From helping veterans, to fighting cancer, to supporting your favorite university, it's good that Texans have the opportunity to tailor their license plates to match their favorite cause," said Governor Rick Perry in a statement.

We'll forgive him for not mentioning "representing your favorite carbonated beverage."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.