Nesha Kraidieh: Mom Allegedly Shoots and Kills Couch-Sitting Son

The case is still developing, but according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, a mother allegedly took the life of her 19-year-old son as he sat on a couch.

On Monday, Nesha Kraidieh and her son Phillip Vanshawn Apostolo became embroiled in an argument at a home in the 5000 block of Sandydale Lane, which is located east of the Eastex Freeway near Lauder Road. Kraidieh later told the cops that her son pushed her during the tiff.

Later, Kraidieh and Apostolo started arguing a second time. "Afterwards, the son was shot in the head by his mother as he was sitting on the couch," writes Tebben Lewis of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "That's what we got from the homicide investigators and that's all we know at the moment," Lewis tells Hair Balls.

Kraidieh, 45, has been charged with murder. The mom, who doesn't appear to have a criminal record, is in jail on $50,000 bail.

According to a public records search, Apostolo's rap sheet included charges for criminal trespassing of a habitation/shelter center (he pleaded guilty and was convicted with a class B misdemeanor on March 9, 2012), and he was nailed with a felony charge on April 3, 2012, for criminal mischief greater than $1,500 (the case was later dismissed at the request of the complaining witness).

We'll update as the story evolves.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.