New Bat for the 'Stros

Our future might've just gotten a little brighter.

According to MLB.com, Boston Red Sox second baseman Mark Loretta will soon close a deal to come play for the Astros. Apparently there are still a couple kinks to be worked out as far as contractual issues go, but his agent, Bob Garber, has claimed on the site he'll sign a reported one year deal worth $2.5 million.

Houston loyalists, don't fret; Loretta, who played part of the 2002 season with the Astros, won't be knocking Craig Biggio off second base. Loretta will likely be used as a utility player in Houston; he's logged plenty of experience at first, second, third and shortstop over his 12 years in the MLB. His career batting average of .299 will fit snuggly into the Astros' batting lineup. After all, Houston tied for worst team batting average of the 2006 season with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, so we'll take any bat we can get. — Brett Koshkin

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