New Council Member Delivers On Our Prediction He'd Be Entertaining

Some thought we might have jumped the gun a bit when we selected Al Hoang as one of our five most entertaining council members of the decade, seeing as he wasn't sworn in until today.

But his campaign, which featured him running for and eventually winning in a district with which he had only the merest wisp of a relationship with, promised much. And it hasn't taken him long to deliver on that promise.

Over the holiday weekend local political bloggers noticed his new official City of Houston web page, which included some interesting thoughts. The content has since been removed, but Charles Kuffner caught a screen-grab while it was still up.

"While some of his opponents might advocate for gays and liberals' rights, Al is defending Christian and family values," the bio said.

Since his race is over, we can only assume he meant opponents in city government. Such as the mayor, who's...ummm....gay.

A spokesman for Hoang told KHOU that the bio was not authorized and the city's webmaster did not have permission to publish it.

On the other hand, the content was taken from Hoang's campaign website, so it wasn't exactly a horrible misrepresentation of his views.

Also included in the bio: Hoang is "anti-crimes."

Good to know. It no doubt sets him apart from all those crime-loving gays and lesbians who ain't Christian.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.