New General Manager for the Astros to Be Hired Tonight? Time to Pray.

Well, after bringing out the bats on Sunday, the Astros returned to form last night. The Brewers beat the ‘Stros 6-0 last night. And the game wasn’t that close. Matt Albers surrendered five runs in a little less than four innings of pitching.

Can you say playing out the string? I thought you could.

But the Astros loss isn’t the important news. The important news is that, according to the Chron, the Astros may be hiring a new general manager tonight. I’ve got no clue as to who the new hire might be. Jesus Ortiz tells me that there should be hiring, and that he’s basing this on a conversation with Tal Smith, but he goes no further. Instead, Jesus Ortiz feels it is more important to tell me to pray for Roy Oswalt, whose second child is due within a couple of days. I’ve got no clue as to why I should be praying for Roy Oswalt. Jesus Ortiz doesn’t mention any complications being experienced by Mrs. Oswalt. He just tells me to pray.

Tell me, please, how did this guy get a job writing for a major newspaper? And with his God obsession, if he’s going to write, shouldn’t he be writing for the religion section? Though, from what I’ve seen of the Chron religion section, that writer has some talent, which means Ortiz doesn’t stand a chance.

I don’t know about you, but I think the fact the Astros are about to name a GM is a bad sign. Tal Smith’s telling us that were no need for a second interview, which means that Drayton’s making this call based either on his gut, or it’s somebody in the organization they’ve known for awhile. And I don’t think you hire a GM based on a two-hour interview, and if it’s someone from within the organization, well, seeing as how bad this organization is, does it really bode well for the future that the new guy running the show is probably someone who thought Chris Burke was a major league shortstop or Jason Lane was a sure thing?

And looking at the list of people interviewed by the Astros, did you see one name that just jumped out you? Besides Muzzy Jackson, and that’s just because of the name, not his qualifications? The Astros didn’t exactly go interviewing the cream of crop. Ed Wade and Dan Evans were probably the most impressive names, and they’re pretty much thought of as failures in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, though Evans did do a good job of stocking the Dodger farm system.

The Brewers are still a game behind the Cubs in the race for the NL Central, but Brewer ace Ben Sheets is getting the start tonight. He’s going up against some stiff named Felipe Paulino (no, I’ve got no clue of who he is). So much for that whole integrity of the game argument Cooper was making last week when explaining why J.R. Towles wasn’t playing.

There are only 12 games left in the season. And, most important, you’ve only got five more chances to see Craig Biggio play at MMP (he’s retiring in case you didn’t know). – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.