New Huge Fine for Parking in Handicapped Spaces: Some Lucky Houstonian Will Become the Face of Selfishness

We can all agree -- can't we? -- that people who illegally park in handicapped spaces tend to be lazy, self-absorbed, selfish a-holes.

Being so just got a lot more expensive, and tomorrow some lucky person will become the face of the campaign against illegal handicapped-space parking.

The fine for doing so jumped from $205 to $500 effective today, and $500 is a lot of freaking money to save yourself a few steps.

And tomorrow, the city plans to send a video crew from the municipal channel -- regular media are also invited! -- to follow a parking-enforcement officer around as he or she gives out the first $500 ticket.

"The idea is to capture the first ticket written at the higher fine amount, which HTV [the municipal channel} will use in a PSA informing people that they should think pretty hard about taking up a handicapped spot illegally," says Christopher Newport of the city's Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department.

The officers will "stake out some of the handicapped spaces that are frequently used illegally," he says.

So you can get twice the amount of fun: Get hit with the first massive new ticket, and be shown on TV being an a-hole!! Probably an a-hole frantically giving ten different excuses why you did it this one time.

We can only hope it's some River Oaks mom driving a Land Rover. Of course, that means the $500 won't mean much, but the video will probably be great.

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Richard Connelly
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