New Movie To Show Houston's Good (Racist) Side

Houston's racism is already on display with an

avalanche of comments

on the

Houston Chronicle

web site hoping desperately the city won't have to welcome any more hurricane refugees.

Next up -- Hollywood takes a whack.

Opening this fall is a movie called Towelhead, based on what we're told is a best-selling book. Directed by Six Feet Under's Alan Ball and starring Toni Collette and Aaron Eckhart, the story follows a 13-year-old Lebanese girl who moves to Houston and -- well, and encounters what Hollywood thinks are typical Houstonians.

(See the couple in the opening seconds of the trailer.)

The film was shot in LA and seems to see Houston as pretty much a faceless suburb, so at least they got that part right.

Towelhead is fighting controversy because of its name; at one point it was called Nothing Is Private.

Ball and the book's author defend the more in-your-face title here.

Warner bros., the studio releasing the film, also weighed in: "One of the ideas conveyed in the film is that we all make assumptions about each other, without knowing, based on racial stereotypes. It was our goal in releasing Towelhead to help make this point."

And what better place to set it than Houston?

-- Richard Connelly

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