New On DVD: Did You Hear What Happened To The Morgans? If Not, You're Lucky

A quick look at the DVDs being released today once again proves that there's no accounting for taste. The box office money makers are Disney's The Princess and the Frog, which raked in more than $102 million, and Ninja Assassin, which pocketed just over $38 million. Then there's Did You Hear About the Morgans? with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, which earned just $29 million and change, and The Fourth Kind with Milla Jovovich which had $25.5 million in ticket sales.

You might be wondering how Ninja Assassin (the title pretty much sums up the storyline) outsold About the Morgans (a romantic comedy about two die-hard New Yorkers who witness a murder and are forced into hiding in Wyoming where they experience major culture shock). Hair Balls, on the other hand, is wondering how Ninja Assassin didn't outsell The Princess and the Frog?

(Here's a hint to the producers behind The Morgans, unless you've got Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe heading up your cast, it's really hard to make a romantic comedy that starts off with someone getting killed. Sure, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant weren't trying to get to the comedic level of Some Like It Hot, but The Morgans didn't even get to Some Like it Tepid ... and Inane.)

Ninja's star Rain, however, was reaching for new heights. The 27-year-old action star/singer/businessman/object of every teenaged girl in Asia's desire Rain (originally named Jeong Ji-hoon) is an odd mix of Bruce Lee and Al Pacino on screen. He takes out bad guys by the dozens and yet has layers and layers of emotional depth to his character.

Disney's Princess be damned, it's Rain and Ninja Assassin that should catch your eye this week.  

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Olivia Flores Alvarez