New On The Net: Scorn For NASA Having A Little Fun

What's hot on the web today? Making fun of NASA for goofy mission posters.

Gizmodo got its hands on mission posters made for internal NASA use -- they're on the web at the agency's Space Flight Awareness page -- and went to town.

"NASA Mission Posters Are Hilariously Painful," reads the headline, and writer Jesus Diaz says:

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I'm speechless. I love NASA. I love astronauts. They're true heroes, risking their lives in the name of science and progress. But why did they make these posters? WHY? They defy any description, they're pure gold.

But you know what? We kind of like them.

Amy Gish, who used to be part of the team putting the posters together here in Houston, makes eminent sense in responding to Gizmodo:

A few years ago our lead in the department made a mock Matrix movie poster for one of the crews and people loved it. So from then on out we started to get a bit more freedom in desiging the posters. Most crews actually really enjoy having fun with it -- I think it's probably a nice break for them from all the very serious training they are doing for the mission.

Gizmodo is now having a Photoshop contest, asking for people to "try to out-ridiculous" the posters. And there will no doubt be some good entries.

But like we say, where's the harm with the originals? Goofy, sure. But they're not that bad.

Are they?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.