New Orleans: No Astrodome For You! (This Time)

As we've


, some Houstonians are worried -- not to say pissed -- that another hurricane may send another round of Louisiana evacuees our way.

So do they have something to worry about? Does the county plan to once again open up the Astrodome to house evacuees?

In a word, no.

And not in many more words, either. Joe Stinebaker, spokesman for Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, is concise when asked by Hair Balls if the Dome might once again open as a demonstration of all the love and care that Houstonians can bestow:

"It will not," he says.

County and state officials here say that it doesn't make sense to send evacuees from one hurricane zone to another, although that thinking would only be valid if the hurricane in question planned to hit two zones at once.

New Orleans people will head north this time, away from the Gulf. The decision has nothing to do with any lingering resentment about crime rates or grumbling abut gummint hand-outs.

But, to be clear -- the Dome is closed. No word on whether New Orleans will open the Superdome if Gustav plows into Houston.

-- Richard Connelly

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