New Texas License Plates: The Burger Option

Those ever-inventive folks who have the Texas vanity-plate franchise are rolling out a new bunch of plates for people to consider.

Like this one, for

Mighty Fine Burgers

, which is in Austin. We suggest you get these plates on your Ford F-150 before you pull up to the valet at La Tour d'Argent in Paris. (France, not Texas.) And be sure to ask for ketchup with your meal.

The burger license plate is only being considered as a potential item for sale, Kim Miller Drummond of MyPlates.com says, and it has a bit of a PR-grab to it.

Also to be voted on -- on the page linked above -- are plates for the University of Houston!!! Finally!!!

Oh, and Texas plates for LSU, University of Georgia, Liberty Christian School and the Allen High School Eagles. So we guess the Coogs shouldn't be feeling too important.

There's also this:

It looks to our eyes like some hippie thing touting acid.

Better go with the burger.

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