New Texas Vanity Plates While U Wait

When the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles opened November 1, we had no idea that it would be the greatest new state agency in memory.

"What's so great about the DMV, Hair Balls?" you might ask. We're glad you did.

See, the DMV has partnered with www.myplates.com to make it easier and more enjoyable to purchase a whole new line of vanity plates. You just type in your 6-character combo and, presto, you can see if "BOOOBS" is still available! (It is). You can waste a whole work-week doing this. We thought we'd test out a few others -- feel free to grab one if you like it.

Contrary to what some people might think, we chose this plate for our good friend, Alan Qedarski.

Until that border wall is built, we'll have to rely on plates like this.

 Purple flowers? Check. Orange flowers? Check. Something to point out how gay this license plate is? Stand by.....OK. Check.

 How great of RE/MAX to sponsor a plate! Here are two plates representing the two things that come to mind whenever we hear the name "RE/MAX."

For Texas members of the Big Tribe.

Better grab this one before Rick Perry does.

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