New Trend in Pill Dealing: Using the Homeless As Mules

Hydrocodone: A job creator
Did you ever wonder how someone could make a living peddling Xanax or hydrocodone? Sure, it seems easy to sell a pill here or there, but if you want to get into the longer green, you need to be able to get the pills in bulk, and not even the most unscrupulous pharmacist will write you the kind of prescriptions you would need to make an ongoing enterprise out of such an endeavor.

Houston police say that local pill dealers have come up with a workaround for that problem. They use the homeless as assistants.

One such case came to light last month. According to court documents, on July 27, narcotics squad police watched as 31-year-old Benson Dorsey drove a vanload of transients to a Southwest Freeway pharmacy, followed closely by a Kia driven by 24-year-old Camelia Owens and also occupied by several homeless people. Everyone except Owens got out of the two vehicles.

Police say Dorsey then distributed a "large amount of U.S. currency" among the transients, and then they all went in the pharmacy. Minutes later, police say, they came back out clutching white prescription bags and everybody except Owens piled into the van.

Police say Dorsey then drove the transients to a nearby gas station, where he paid them off and sent them on their way, minus their prescriptions. Police say that Dorsey then rendezvoused with Owens at a parking garage, where Dorsey handed the pills over to Owens, who concealed them in her Kia.

When they pulled her over a few minutes later on West Airport Drive, police claim to have found 480 hydrocodone pills and 46 grams of Xanax concealed inside of her front passenger seat.

Dorsey and Owens are each charged with two felony counts of drug possession with intent to deliver. Both are out on bond. Neither the pharmacy nor any of the transients were charged with crimes in this case.

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