Former Tropical Storm Harvey could pose a threat to Houston next week.
Former Tropical Storm Harvey could pose a threat to Houston next week.

Soon-To-Be Tropical Storm Could Bring 15 Inches of Rain to Parts of Texas Coast

A slow-moving low pressure system is trudging through the Gulf of Mexico to the Texas coast, and could bring more than 15 inches of rain to certain areas.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service expect the storm will hit between Corpus Christi and Houston on Friday night or Saturday morning.

"We're most likely going to see a tropical storm form late tomorrow night," said Patrick Blood, a meteorologist with the Houston/Galveston branch of the National Weather Service. "The biggest threat for Houston is rainfall."

Tropical Storm Harvey, the ninth named storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, broke up over the Yucatan Peninsula on Monday. But its remnants have entered very warm water in the Gulf of Mexico and will almost certainly return to tropical storm strength.

Moving at around 10 mph, Harvey could bring days of heavy rain between Thursday and Tuesday as it travels inland. Blood said the latest track projected the storm would make landfall in Matagorda, but cautioned Harvey's path is unpredictable. Harvey will likely be too weak to form the classic "buzzsaw" shape of strong storms, Blood said, and instead will meander as a "blob-" or "comma-" shaped mass.

There is a possibility Harvey could develop into a Category 1 hurricane, but Blood said forecasters do not believe the storm will be over water long enough to reach that intensity.

Blood noted that early September is the height of the Atlantic hurricane season, and urged Texas residents to review their hurricane plans by Friday at the latest. Harvey will arrive just two weeks after heavy rains in the Houston area caused several bayous to overrun their banks.

We will have regular updates of this storm as it approaches the Texas coast.

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