New Year's Eve Will Suck for Paul Wall and Baby Bash Thanks to Bond Conditions

Houston rapper Paul Wall and Baby Bash might as well volunteer to be DD's this New Year's Eve, because on Tuesday, a judge ordered that they not drink alcohol or do any drugs as part of their bond conditions. Just before Christmas, the rappers and several others were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and possession of THC with intent to deliver, both felonies.

Police arrested Paul Wall and Baby Bash — whose real names are Paul Slayton and Ronald Bryant — at Paradise Smoke Shop on Yale Street December 22. Prosecutors revealed Tuesday that undercover cops apparently paid a $10 cover charge to infiltrate some type of private "weed party" the shop was hosting, then ultimately arrested various people hanging out inside. Police had reportedly been monitoring the rappers' Instagram accounts (as well as the one they both run, called "secretsmokesociety") and other social media leading up to the bust. According to court records, Slayton and "Suga Suga" Bryant are accused of possessing between four and 400 grams of THC — the chemical in pot that gets users high.

Both men were released before Christmas on $20,000 bail. On Tuesday, Judge Denise Bradley outlined their bond conditions, which include staying clean and submitting to random drug tests...which both admitted they will not pass.

In what was either a very honest and forthright move or a kinda incriminating one (perhaps both), the People's Champ told Judge Bradley he would test positive for marijuana, hydrocodone, Soma and prescription medications if made to pee in a cup, while Baby Bash admitted he'd test positive for pot, according to court records. The Houston Chronicle reported that Slayton's defense attorney, Jolanda Jones, said some of the drugs are prescribed for his back problems, and he is expected to provide proof.

Jones and Bryant's defense attorneys denied all of the accusations prosecutors made Tuesday; when reached by phone, Jones declined to comment any further on the case.

Baby Bash had already taken to Twitter after he was released from custody to tell his followers he "got caught up with a lil weed yall...no biggie. Lol #cannabiscommunity."

Whether prosecutors agree to reduce the charges to just a lil' weed, however, is probably a debate for later. In the meantime, enjoy some 2003 Baby Bash.

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