New York Times: Houston Sucks At Recycling

Just in case everyone here was getting tired of all the hype about Houston avoiding the nation's economic woes, some of the backlash has begun.

The New York Times this morning devotes a large chunk of its newshole to the proposition that Houstonians are greedy, lazy, earth-hating Neanderthals who laugh at those dirty hippies in other cities who actually bother to recycle their garbage.

"Houston Resists Recycling, and Independent Streak is Cited," reads the headline.

Who the hell would blame our lack of recycling on an "independent streak"?

Mayor Bill White, that's who.

That's why the city won't provide the resources necessary to make recycling widespread -- boy, they'd like to (especially Mr. Green himself, Bill White) -- but us Houstonians are just too ornery and set in our ways.

To which we call bullshit.

Houston city officials have always been half-assed about recycling, making it difficult and rare for residents to get the service done efficiently and correctly. That experience does tend to turn the casual recycler into someone who can't be bothered.

That's not what White tells the Times, though.

“We have an independent streak that rebels against mandates or anything that seems trendy or hyped up...Houstonians are skeptical of anything that appears to be oversold or exaggerated. But Houstonians can change, and change fast,” he says.

Oh yeah. Recycling -- it's just too damn trendy for Houston.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.