Newest Racetrack Sponsor: Purple Drank?

If you're going to forgo a quarter-century of tradition and change the name of your racetrack to some sponsor's name, what better choice than Purple Drank?

It's the signature beverage of Houston, after all, and if you want to talk tradition, then start talking about sippin' and cruisin'. We're not sure drank necessarily correlates to racing, but obviously the people at Houston Raceway Park do.

Because it's no longer Houston Raceway Park. It's Royal Purple Raceway.


Now, some may accuse the racetrack of promoting drug abuse and --hold on. We have no been reliably informed that Royal Purple is not a street brand of drank, although it sure should be.

It is, instead, a manufacturer of high-performance lubricants and "is considered the best synthetic oil by many end users, according to its website.

Among their products, though, is Purple Ice. Which doesn't sound at all like some homemade special recipe for drank.

But we guess the new name has nothing to do with syrup. It's just the craziest stadium name ever.

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