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News Flash: Astros Finally Make a Good Decision, Hire Bobby Heck

You guys might not believe this, but some people think that I’m mean to the Houston Astros. That I pick on the team just for the sake of picking on the team. Well, I’ll admit to this: I do give the Astros lots of heck.

And I’m about to give them heck again.

Bobby Heck, as a matter of fact.

Bobby Heck is the new amateur scouting director for the Houston Astros. The Astros farm system is in terrible shape, and Heck just might be the right man to save it.

That’s right. I think the Astros made a good move. I think Bobby Heck is just the guy the Astros need stocking the farm system.

I’m sure many of you are wondering just who the heck Bobby Heck is? Well, the Astros hired him away from the Milwaukee Brewers. Great, you’re thinking, shouldn’t the Astros have hired someone from a team that actually wins every now and then? But that’s just because you don’t know Heck.

Heck’s been the Brewers’ Eastern scouting director since 1999. In that time he has helped to rebuild the Brewers farm system. The Brewers minor league operation was ranked 30th in all of baseball in 2000. It’s been ranked in the top five since the 2003 season. Some of the players produced by the Brewers in that time span include Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart, Tony Gwynn, Jr. and Rickie Weeks.

Heck is personally responsible for Braun, as well as scouting each of the club’s last four first round picks (including Braun).

I’ll admit it: I’m really excited about this move. And you know it takes a lot for the Astros to make me giddy. But Heck is everything Drayton’s last several hires (Cecil Cooper and Ed Wade) weren’t. He’s respected. He’s got a great track record. He’s talented. And as I’ve written in the past, it’s my belief the Astros will only get better with the improvement of the farm system.

This is a fantastic first step.

Wow. I just can’t say how impressed that I am. Wow. Great move, Drayton. Great move. And seriously, I mean it. Great move.

Of course, as the Astros have demonstrated in the past, just because the Astros draft a player doesn’t mean the Astros are going to pay for a player. And guys like Braun and Fielder don’t come cheap. But I’ll worry about that next year. Right now, all I can say is wow.

Thanks, Drayton. Thanks a lot. Thanks for letting me write something nice about the Astros. – John Royal

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